neons/gray gays

and what they mean

neon and gray gays are terms invented to offer an alternative for mlm identity rather than "twink" and" bear" & "top" and "bottom".

many mlm express discomfort at these sexualizing terms and so this carrd offers an alternative.

neons are mlm who express themselves more through color and presentation. they prefer to not mute their presentation of themselves in public.

this can be done through expressive clothing, personality, text, so on and so forth.

its an identity centered around the color of their personality.

mlm can refer to themself as a neon gay or a neon.

gray/grey are mlm are more reserved in their public presentation. they usually reserve their affection to spaces they are comfortable with.

once again, this is done through clothing, personality and text and PDA.

its an identity centered around the relaxed energy or reservation of their personality.

mlm can refer to themself as a gray/grey gay or as a gray/grey.

gray gays are proud to be mlm, they're just more reserved in their presentation - they are not repressed

what if you identify as an in between or flux with your presentation?
accents are the in-the-middle identity to answer that question.

they can fluctuate between both identities or have aspects of both.

mlm can refer to themself as an accent gay or an accent. if there is a better term you like, please tell me @mugicaly on twitter! I will add it.

hopefully these terms can become more commonplace, as they feel right at home with mlm identity.

the flag in the background is creditted to @mothtoalamp's gay flag! thank you for letting me use this flag :)

please share this carrd and thank you for reading it!